A Reason for Gaming: Steven Jackson

When I volunteered to write this article, it got the wheels spinning. Driving to work this morning, I went through and relived some of my most memorable gaming moments. Playing Super Mario Brothers before school and getting grounded for calling a piranha plant a “bastard” for coming out of a warp pipe right when I was attempting the jump may have been a defining moment. Not for getting grounded, but for the chance to defeat that dastardly Koopa minion when I could get on again. These “extra guys” became a war cry when my parents would want me to turn the game off. 

As I grew older, the games grew more sophisticated, both in graphics and storyline. I remember spending hours fighting the hordes of monsters in the mansion, listening to classic dialogue wondering about whether or not it was Chris’ blood. Then, when finally thinking the game was coming to an end, an underground lab opened up and the game continued on. The stories and mysteries added a new element that kept me hooked. 

The last standout I will refer too is getting introduced to multiplayer in BF 1942. Introduced to clans and match play, my old clan was the underdog in the CAL playoffs. In the semi-finals, we pulled together and had a great upset victory eliminating the favorites. Listening to the match commentary afterwards was a great experience.
Gaming is about second chances, engaging stories, and community. The owner of this blog is someone I met on Face book through a game. Gaming, no matter what type you prefer, brings people from all over the world together for a simple purpose; to have fun.

Gaming to me is a community of amazing people, competitive play, thrown controllers, and the constant craving for more of all of the above.

-Steven Jackson