Adventures of Batman and Robin Retro Review (Snes Version)


Konami (Super Nintendo)/ Clockwork Tortoise (Sega Genesis, Sega CD)/ Novotrade (Game Gear)


Konami (SNES version)/ Sega (Sega versions)


Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear

Release Date(s):

1994 (SNES version)/ 1995 (Sega Versions)


Action, Platformer


Single, two-player


K-A (Kids to adults)

-Marcus Lawrence

The caped crusader in his “dark deco” era

You see that rating and how it has the word “Kids”? I can imagine that parents bought this game for their children and not thinking this game would bring rage out of their sweet boy/girl. For a 6 or 7 year old child, Adventures of Batman and Robin is a pretty hard game. Even for someone my age and playing for the first time, I found myself dying multiple times and even cursing up a storm. Now think if I was 7 and playing this, I probably would have broken my SNES controller. By no means does the difficulty make the game bad, it just has some unforgiving stages. Personally, I enjoy the challenge compared to games that are a breeze to beat. So even though I cursed at this game a few times, I really enjoyed my first-time experience with it.

Seeing how this Batman title is focused around Batman: The Animated series of the 90’s, one would expect the game to have the same feeling as the show. For my first impression, I felt as if I were playing the animated series. Everything from the “dark deco” art, to the soundtrack, all of it filled me with such nostalgic memories of my childhood. The plot has little to speak of; each of the 7 stages is loosely based off episodes of the TV show. Major villains such as Joker, Poison Ivy and Two-Face will stand in your way and it falls into your capable hands to uphold justice.

As you might have guessed already, I played the game on my Super Nintendo and this version plays out differently from the others. From the beginning of each stage, Alfred briefs Batman on the situation and from there, players must choose gadgets to bring with them onto the field. Be warned though; if you don’t have the right gadget for the stage, you will have to return to the Batcave and start over with the right equipment. Once you have chosen your loadout that is when the game commences. Like most 90’s games, this is classic beat em’ up but with a twist. Each level plays out differently from the last, for example: Joker’s stage is straight beat em’ up but Two-face’s level involves racing through the streets of Gotham in the Batmobile. This ensures diversity throughout the entire game.

Just like the picture portrays, at the end of each stage is a boss fight that pits Batman against iconic villains. As I mentioned before, this game is difficult and that shows during the boss battles; these fights must be thought out carefully if you plan to beat the game. Many fans of Batman should know that he relies on his gadgets to get through most of his cases. That same logic applies for the game since each mission will require the use of gadgets to succeed. Whether it be using a flashlight to see bombs in the dark or using X-ray goggles to see through thin walls, players will really get the feeling that they are Batman. Oh and make sure you keep a pen and paper nearby…you’re going to need it. After beating each stage, there is a password that will allow you to return to that spot when you run out of lives. Yes, you will hit a game over screen at some point of your adventure.

The one thing I didn’t like about the game is how Robin barely shows up. For a game titled “Adventures of Batman and Robin”, there sure wasn’t enough Robin in the adventure. He shows up for two missions and only offers moral support to Batman. Had they called this Adventures of Batman, that title would have suited the game better.


  • For a difficult game, it is still very entertaining
  • The art style and soundtrack mimic that of the animated TV series
  • Gadgets are an important part of the gameplay
  • The game offers up tons of diversifying elements


  • The steep difficulty can deter most gamers
  • Not enough Robin injected into the game, making the adventure feel one-sided

I can agree with the masses on this one…I’ve played my fair share of Batman games in the past and this one deserves to sit high among them. It may not be Arkham but considering how old this title is, back then it just might have been. If you love Batman and enjoy his games, give this one a shot if you haven’t already. Look past the hard difficulty and you’ll have a real gem on your hands.

Verdict: 80%

The Adventures of Batman and Robin (SNES): Amused to Death

To celebrate Batman day, the crew at EWG will be posting reviews on Batman games, old and new, for your reading pleasure. As Marcus stated in his review, Adventures of Batman and Robin is considered to be one of the best Batman games… would you agree?