Australian Games To Be Rated Differently In The Near Future


Posted By: Marcus Lawrence(@GGNMugen)

Australia is notorious for having a very strict rating system for game titles. Some of which never even make it to the country because of said rating systems. That all could change however thanks to Minister of Home Affairs Jason Clare and his hopes to introduce “the first stage” of reform to the National Classification System.

With these reforms, games can be rated differently than before and may even allow more titles to be sold in Australia. All of the State and Territory Ministers have agreed on the reforms.

“Ministers agreed to seven proposals, including the use of automated classification decision making systems (starting with a pilot for mobile and online computer games), an update to the guidelines that will prevent 2D and 3D versions of films or games having to be classified twice and a change to the rules that will allow minor modifications to be made to games without further classification.” 

During the next meeting of the Standing Council of Law and Justice this October, the Ministers will consider further reforms to be had.