Backbone Entertainment In Danger Of Being Shut Down

-Marcus Lawrence

Backbone Entertainment seems to be facing a crisis. The company is making layoffs with talks of closing shop; this information comes from two sources within the company. However, that’s just one possibility that can occur for Backbone. A source at IGN states that the company may attempt to “keep it going smaller”.

The base of operations is located in Emeryville, California and was established back in 2003. With the release of Death Jr. on the PSP in 2005, Backbone Entertainment really made their mark on the industry.

Their most recent works would be LEGO Rock Band on the Nintendo DS and the port over of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on XBLA.

Before this terrible news, the company was currently working on Midway Arcade Origins which consisted of 30 classic Midway titles. Once we hear more about the situation concerning Backbone Entertainment and what will happen to the Midway collection, we will update you further.

It is always a shame to hear about a company going out of business and I just hope all goes well for that crew.