Batman Returns Review (Super Nintendo)






Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Gear, Lynx, Atari ST, PC

Release Date:

April 1993

Genre: Action, Beat ‘em up





-Eric Lee Lewis

Streets of Rage…in Gotham

One of my favorite game genres is the side-scrolling beat-em-up. My favorite comic book hero is Batman. So, if we put these two awesome things together, we get Batman Returns the videogame. Not only was Batman Returns a great movie, it was also a great game. Batman games had always been hit or miss before the Arkham series. Luckily, there were a few gems.

The Tim Burton Batman films were great. We got a new look at Gotham and how dark and gothic it truly could be. Thankfully this translated well to the Batman Returns Game. 

Batman Returns is a game that follows the movie very closely. Some of the set pieces appear in different forms, but they are still there. Boss fights take place in similar locales to the movie. This includes a difficult boss fight with Catwoman inside of an abandoned building. But boss fights aren’t the only part of combat in this game. The enemies are the different characters from the movie’s Red triangle Gang. Some of these enemies are fat clowns that jump all over the screen to try to squash the caped crusader while others shoot fire or rocket launchers. 

Batman’s combat is pretty simple- punch your way through the enemies until you reach the end of the stage. Of course there is more, especially with this being Batman. The dark knight has batarangs and other gadgets, though these are mainly just used for stunning enemies or clinging to a ceiling to move past fire. 

In Tim Burton films, Mr. Burton always has Danny Elfman do the music for them. Danny Elfman’s music has translated quite well into chiptune form. In a lot of ways, it is a pleasure just to listen to the music alone. 

Batman Returns is definitely not the best game in the world, but at the time it was definitely the best Batman game out there and it still holds up well today.