Bethesda Reveals A New Development Team

-Marcus Lawrence

Set up in Austin, Texas is the new development team known as Battlecry Studios. Earlier today, Bethesda Software announced that Rich Vogel will be the head of the studio. If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because it should. Vogel previously worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic for Bioware before he left this past July. He also has experience working with Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies even before The Old Republic.

We don’t know the purpose of this studio but a guess would be that it is somewhat MMO-related. May even have some connection with The Elder Scrolls Online. Battlecry Studios has a job listing up now looking for people with an “excellent knowledge of FPS’s and RPG’s.” Kind of odd when you think about it but since we don’t know much about the new studio yet, anything is possible.

At this moment, Battlecry Studios is the ninth Bethesda-owned studio via parent company ZeniMax. Studios like id Software (Doom, Rage) and Arkane Studios (Dishonored) are just two of the said owned studios. We look forward to seeing what comes out of Battlecry Studios.