Black Ops 2 Guns Can Go Prestige

-Marcus Lawrence

For better or worse, players’ ranks aren’t the only thing that can go prestige in Black Ops 2. Treyarch has revealed that weapons will now be able to earn prestige levels. Treyarch’s Game Design Director, David Vonderhaar tweeted that guns can prestige two times.

Apparently Weapon XP won’t be reset whenever you prestige. So when MP1st asked David,“if weapon XP converts to next prestige, will you have to prestige your weapon or will it go back down to 0 or stay at max?”  he responded,

”Stays where it was. Weapon level and weapon prestige level totally independent of your level. Not reset by level prestige.”

Don’t forget to pre-order Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC before November 13th. The Wii U version will be released when the system launches.