Borderlands 2: The Mechromancer Is Available Today

-Marcus Lawrence

Instead of waiting one extra week for the Mechromancer, Gearbox has decided to release the DLC early. While it was scheduled to appear on the 16th of this month, players will have the option of downloading her today. For those of you that pre-ordered Borderlands 2, you get Gaige free of charge. Everyone else must pay $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points to use the additional character.

As an added bonus, Gearbox has included Gaige’s skill tree to the official site; allowing players to plan her character early. This works out just like with the original four. What makes Gaige so special involves her partner, the Death Trap. Her robotic companion can engage enemies at will; giving you another helping hand on the field.

Once more release information is revealed, we will update you all on this story. But for now, get out there and download The Mechromancer!