Borderlands 2 Will Receive Level Cap Plus Extra Goodies

-Marcus Lawrence

Yet another Borderlands 2 announcement delivered from PAX East today involving an increase in the level cap. Gearbox announced that 11 more levels can be earned on April 2 for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. This brings the total level to 61 and will cost $4.99 but free to the season pass holders.

But wait…there’s more! Along with the level raise, a new additional weapon class will be brought back. Titled “pearlescent”, these are the rarest forms of a weapon one could find. Just think of all the weapons that await for you soon.

Do you know what Ultimate Vault Hunter is? You will now because it will be a new mode featured in Borderlands 2 soon. Think of it as very hard mode that requires players to have previously beaten True Vault Hunter mode and be at level 50. The enemies will be the toughest ever faced, so you better bring that A-game.

It’s pretty obvious that Gearbox has plenty of new content to add before Borderlands 2 is considered old hat. You can bet we’ll keep you update on the news to come.