Bungie Divulges Destiny Info


-Greg Livingston

Halo developer Bungie has had Destiny, a massively multiplayer online FPS, in the works for 4 years now.

A boatload of Destiny information was released today, most of which was handily summed up by Forbes and IGN. In the process, project director David Jones provided the “Seven Pillars of Destiny’s development”:

Pillar 1: A World Players Want to Be In

Pillar 2: A Bunch of Fun Things to Do

Pillar 3: Rewards Players Care About

Pillar 4: A New Experience Every Night

Pillar 5: Shared With Other People

Pillar 6: Enjoyable By All Skill Levels

Pillar 7: Enjoyable by the Impatient and Distracted

Most of the information covered revolves around the backstory and setting of Destiny, which takes place in a far-off future where aliens threaten the destruction of Earth.

Bungie promises the gameplay at its core will revolve around refined first person shooter combat, and it’s worth noting that there will be vehicles and space ships to pilot.

Although the game will be a persistent online game where players create their own legend, no price scheme has been confirmed. Bungie did, however, confirm that there will be no subscription fee.

Confirmed platforms include Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. While there doesn’t look to be a PC or Mac version on the way, Bungie did suggest that the next Microsoft and Sony consoles would receive versions as well. There’s no word on cross-platform multiplayer.