Buy a Used Wii U Get Free Games?

-Jimmy Kovalski

A user on NeoGAF has reported that they bought a used Wii U and was able to re-download previously purchased titles even though the previous owner wiped the console clean. The user said he was able to download Trine 2 and Nano Assault Neo.

So you may be asking yourself how can this be done? Well when you download games on your Wii U the games are tied to your system not your Nintendo ID or account. This allows all users on the console to access any downloaded item no questions asked. This also means that if your system breaks or gets stolen you will need to re-purchases your downloads. Apparently this also lets buyers of a used Wii U to download anything previously downloaded on the system by the former owner. 

If any more new info becomes available on this matter we will be the first to inform you.