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PrE3: Show me something Microsoft!

At E3, Microsoft has many questions that need to be answered if they want to satisfy their fans and quiet their critics. We’ve already seen the internet’s backlash to their less-than-successful console revealing on May 21st and Microsoft’s message has only gotten more cloudy since then. This year, unlike most, E3 is a direct competition between Microsoft and Sony to define what there console is going to do for gamers, and if either falls flat it could spell financial ruin, even before the console hits shelves.

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Preview: Spies vs. Mercenaries in Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist ​is bringing back one of my favorite multiplayer experiences of all time. As a young gamer in the early days of Xbox Live it was a one of a kind experience that only enhanced my love of the stealth-action genre. Of course I am talking about the Spies vs. Mercenaries mode that is making a comeback in Blacklist​. The first game that introduced it was Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and at the time there was nothing like it, and for the most part there still isn't. I am very excited, to say the last, to hear that they are bringing this mode back. 

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