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Bastion Review

I recently completed Bastion. As mentioned in a previous post, Bastion tells the tale of a boy named the Kid, and his quest to restore the eponymous Bastion, after the Calamity destroys most of Caelondia, the Kid’s home.

During this journey, your only company is the gravely voice of the Narrator, Rucks. A lot of talk about Bastion pertains to the narrator. That’s for good reason. The narration of Bastion is what ties the game together, and gives it its uniqueness. Without it, Bastion is really just another action game.

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The Steam Challenge: Cleaning Out the Backlog

The year is 2013, and I plan on taking the Steam Challenge.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been in this situation. You’ve bought a Humble Bundle…or four. Then the holiday sales start, and all of a sudden, you have eight new games under your belt. The list keeps going and going, and all of a sudden, you have sixty-three games that you haven’t touched!

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The Art of the Sword

​Anyone who plays videogames frequently has probably wielded a virtual sword at some point in their gaming career, especially if they’ve played RPGs. Swords and games have gone hand and hand since gaming was brought to the living room. This makes sense, especially when considering RPGs, which in turn base their systems on the Dungeons and Dragons standard, where swords and high fantasy are common.

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