Complete Weapon List For Halo 4

-Marcus Lawrence

Oh boy am I excited for Halo 4! Since I skipped out on Halo: Reach and didn’t bother with ODST, the last time I played Halo would have to be Halo 3. Checking out all the trailers and screenshots just keep pumping me up even more and I know the campaign is going to be awesome. So the only thing I have been wondering about is what weapons I can get my hands on and if there are any returning favorites?

Thankfully, IGN got the complete weapon list roughly an hour ago and skimming though that list brought a huge smile to my face. Not only has my all-time favorite gun, The Battle Rifle (BR), returned but a slew of others as well. Both Covenant and UNSC weapons are back but the Promethean weapons will be making a debut in this new installment. Instead of listing them all here, you can check the link for the full weapon roster. Just one more reason to be hyped for Master Chief’s return.

Halo 4 Weapons