DayZ Stand-Alone Game Will Be Released Before End of the Year

-Samer Farag

At the Eurogamer Expo today, Developer Dean “Rocket” Hall announced that DayZ will be available by year’s end, at a discounted price.

Refinements and additional features will follow into early 2013.

This early release date stems from a desire on Hall’s part to release the game before copycat games do. 

Hall’s next three priorities for the game are taking on hackers, bugs, and handling performance optimization. 

New features to be added are “diseases spreading through feces and vomit, removing the user interface entirely, using household weapons, and allowing people to craft splints and mend broken bones.” 

For me, the barricade of purchasing Arma II and it’s expansion has kept me from playing DayZ. Will you end up grabbing it when it comes out as a Stand-Alone release? Let us know!