Dead Rising 2: Case:0 Review

Developer: Blue Castle Games

Publisher: Capcom

Console: Xbox 360 (XBLA)

Release Date: August 31, 2010

Genre: Third-person action

Players: Single

Rating: M

-Marcus Lawrence

Hey there again! I am back and this time I have a review that’s to die for. Now, I don’t know whether or not to call this game DLC (Downloadable Content) or to just call it an XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) title. The game in this case is the newly released, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Either way, I found this game to be really good even if it only tells a small part of the upcoming sequel; Dead Rising 2.

This prequel tells what happens three years before Dead Rising 2. We find Chuck Greene traveling out of Las Vegas with his daughter Katey after the zombie virus hit. Chuck stops at  a gas station in Still Creek to rest and search for supplies. As Chuck takes Katey inside the gas station to look for supplies and possibly Zombrex, which is a drug that suppresses the zombification of someone, Chuck hears his truck revving up and goes out to see that someone has stolen it. Now with zombies coming out of every corner and flooding the streets, Chuck has no choice but to board up the gas station and this is where Case Zero beings. 

Dead Rising: Case Zero has essentially the same gameplay as the first Dead Rising. The camera angle allows you to see chuck, so it’s 3rd person. You control Chuck as you slaughter zombies with whatever kind of object you can find. Anything from a wrench, tire, even bowling balls, can be used as weapons. Now, the camera system from the first Dead rising is gone. In place of the camera system is a new mechanic that gives the player the ability to take two objects and build a new object. This is how you get PP, which is like the experience points for the game. The weapons you build using this mechanic give a double boost in PP, meaning faster leveling up. Leveling up in the game helps to increase your attack strength, how far you can throw stuff, increasing the amount of stuff you can hold and other things. To level up even faster, saving survivors and completing cases is key. In Case Zero, you can only level up to level five though. 

The thing I like that Capcom decided to do is that when Dead Rising 2 comes out, you can transfer the data from Case Zero over to Dead Rising 2. Meaning inventory and the level you reach will be bought in to the game when you first start playing. Another big change in this game is that now if you wield a gun, you can actually move while still aiming the gun. In the first game, you couldn’t do that and it made guns kind of a bore to use. Since the Dead Rising series is all about getting out of somewhere before a certain time, you can check your watch for the time and see how much time you have left to accomplish missions and still escape. Something that I know many people that played the first Dead Rising will love to hear is that the saving system is unlike that god awfully system they had in the first. Also, unlike the first game, it would seem that they are making money play a big part in what you can buy. In Case Zero, you have the option to buy stuff from the store if you save the survivor that owns it. As silly as this sounds (you really think anyone would buy items and stuff during a zombie outbreak?) it’s necessary because you do need to buy certain things, like Zombrex and special parts. 

Dead Rising was one of the first games to come out for the Xbox 360 and the graphics were good for the time, but have come a long way from what they use to be. With Dead Rising: Case Zero, we can see that the graphics are easy on the eyes. If you just finished massacring zombies and there’s a pile of blood at your feet, when you begin to walk off, you will leave a blood imprint of your foot on the floor. This is a pretty cool detail considering that this is just an arcade game and wasn’t rushed by any means. Now don’t get me wrong, nothing was exceptional about the graphics, but it did look a lot better than it’s predecessor. Another thing I loved about this game is that each zombie has their own appearance. Zombies aren’t supposed to look alike aside from the fact of being torn apart. 

Anyway moving onto the audio. I won’t even pretend that the intro music didn’t creep me out a bit. It has that zombie-esque vibe to it and really creepy as your seeing the zombies walking slowly to the gas station. The voice acting is good, though you only really hear Chuck’s voice for the entire game. The survivors only really have small roles and scream for help but that’s the extend of it. Katey is pretty much inside the safe house for the entire game. The zombie moans are really well done as well they do a good job of making you feel uneasy as you walk through the streets. Very good stuff in my opinion.

The only negative aspects I ran into with this game are that it’s really short, I beat this game under five hours and I didn’t really find it too difficult at all. Plus the lack of Co-op was also disappointing. Dead Rising 2 has a Co-op feature, it would of been nice to test it out early. Probably also would of stretched the game’s playability. Other than the shortness of the game and lack of Co-op, this prequel serves well as an opening act to Dead Rising 2. Because of this, the excitement bar for Dead Rising 2 just went way up for me. 


Trailer Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Were you one of the people that bought this game in anticipation of Dead Rising 2? If so, did it make you worry about the actual release?