Dead Rising 2 Review


Capcom and Blue Castle




PlayStation 3 

Xbox 360 


Release Date:

September 28, 2010


Action Adventure

Survival Horror



Online Co-Op




-Eric Lee Lewis

Terror Is…..Meh

The Dead Rising series is known for one key element: fun. So Dead Rising 2 should definitely be fun, right? Well, sort of. One of the things that made Dead Rising and it’s many different versions fun was Frank West. Frank was a snarky photo journalist that had a certain personality to him that made him lovable. So why not carry him over to Dead Rising 2? Too easy. 

Enter Chuck Greene. Chuck is a former motocross star that now competes in a game show called Terror is Reality. TIR is much like Fortune City’s (the location of Dead Rising 2) own American Gladiators, only the contestants kill zombies. It even turns out that Mr. Greene is competing on TIR to make money for a medicine called Zombrex. “Zombrex?” you say, “what is Zombrex?” Zombrex is a medicine that stops the bitten person to remain human and not turn into one of the infected. It turns out that this medicine is for Chuck’s young daughter Katey. Simple eh? Nah, this isn’t as simple as that. Oh no no no, just as soon as you make some money for said medicine, the zombie outbreak happens all over again in Fortune City. 

Fighting zombies in Dead Rising 2 is much like it was in the original Dead Rising. New moves, health, and inventory slots are unlocked as you collect PP (experience points in DR). The only thing that has really changed is that this time around items can be combined to make different, funnier and more devastating weapons. Some of these weapons are as simple as mixing a bat with some nails to more elaborate weapons like a motorized wheelchair with guns attached that talks by combining a wheelchair, a car battery, and a machine gun as seen here. These weapons are the things that make Dead Rising 2 an enjoyable experience. It turns out that these weapons are just about the only thing that makes this game enjoyable. 

DR 2 suffers from a laundry list of things to do and little time to do them. You are given little time to complete multiple tasks such as killing psychopaths, saving survivors, and many other tedious missions. Sure, Dead Rising had tasks to do in a short amount of time, but they allowed for enough time to have a little fun between missions. DR 2 doesn’t leave you enough time to have fun for more than about 5 minutes. This is a shame because of just how fun the weapons can be. 

Dead Rising 2 falls flat for many reasons. The biggest reason that Dead Rising 2 is boring is because of the lack of caring about the character that you are put in the shoes of. Chuck is bland and very one dimensional. Never once did I even find myself caring about his daughter or their situation. I just wanted to slay the undead horde but knew i still needed to grab survivors and give Katey Zombrex if I was going to level up faster. 

I can not recommend Dead Rising 2 with a clear conscience. Thankfully Dead Rising 2: Off the Record was released and has the main character everybody wanted. But this isn’t the version I am speaking about. For a boring ride, just play Dead Rising 2. For more fun without all of the constraints, Off The Record is the way to go. 


Dead Rising 2 - Official Trailer

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