Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review


Eidos Montreal, Square Enix (CGI)/ Nixxes Software (PC)/ Feral Interactive (Mac)


Square Enix/ Feral Interactive (Mac)


PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac

Release Dates:

PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3: August 23, 2011/ Mac: April 26, 2012.


Action Role-Playing


Single Player



-Marcus Lawrence

Welcome…to the future

Imagine this people: In the near or distant future, human technology has reached an all-time high. People are now able to augment their bodies with machines to increase performance, replace lost limbs with mechanical parts and even extend human life. With this vision of the future in mind, I would like to present to you allthe third installment of the Deus Ex series. This prequel takes place 25 years before the original Deus Ex story even begins.

You play as Adam Jensen, a private security specialist for Sarif Industries. His job is to protect the scientists working there since they are constantly achieving ground breaking technology. What seemed to be a normal day at work quickly turns into a disaster as Sarif Industries is attacked by a cybernetic Black Ops group and the top scientists are killed off, including Jensen’s ex-girlfriend, Megan Reed. During the attack, Jensen is fatally wounded and written off as dead. But the team at Sarif augmented him in order to save his life. Now more machine than man, Jensen sets out to uncover the truth about the attack which took Megan and nearly ended his life.

Make no mistake, Deus Ex is a huge game. What I mean by that is for all of the choices on how to play, no playthrough will ever be the same. First of all, you can either play by being stealthy and sneaking up on enemies or go in guns blazing and kill everyone in sight. Now there’s no wrong way here; either option is fine and can be rewarding in its own way. However, both ways have their flaws and these flaws can be deadly if you don’t know your way around them. For example, Jensen may be upgraded with some of the best augments but that doesn’t mean he is a super solider. He can only take about a couple of bullets before he is dropped. So if you don’t think about when to shoot, you’ll find Jensen hitting the floor in seconds. Now I know a lot of people complained about how fast you can die but honestly, it adds a challenge to the game. You can’t just go running up on people and expect to come away alive. You must think about every action you’re about to take and if it may be the right one. This adds such a level of intensity that it literally draws you in to the action.

Upgrading your augments is crucial to how successful you will be. Anywhere from the cranium to your legs can be upgraded and helpful to your cause. Since there are way too many augments to explain here, I’ll just give a brief summary on some and what they can do. If you plan on doing a lot of stealth takedowns, you might want to invest in the arm and torso augmentations. The arm augment allow you to perform a takedown on unsuspecting enemies. Then the torso augment allows your batteries to recharge faster and to add additional batteries; these allows you to do takedowns. There are augments for faster reflexes, camouflage, regeneration, extending battery life and the lists just goes on. Of course you also get weapons such as pistols, shotguns, combat rifles and more. And yes, there are even augments that would help you use them more effectively.

So aside from the combat, there are events called Social Battles. Social battles play a huge role in how the game unfolds. It’s like a boss fight but with words and you try to persuade the other person to answer your questions or to release a hostage. The details that were put into these battles are incredible and extremely well done. You can tell if you are doing it right if the persuasion meter is rising. Each person you engage has their own dossier and what makes them tick. Using all the information given to you is key to whether you win or have things turn sour for you. Human Revolution is a truly remarkable game and I wish I could explain every last detail on here. To best understand what I mean, at the very least, gamers should rent this title. Yes it takes some time to get use to but once you understand how it plays, you will be spending hours on this title.

I once seen my friend play Human Revolution on his laptop and let me tell you; the console has nothing on the PC. Everything from the frame rate, character models animations and how well surroundings models load is far superior. If you have a gaming PC and looking to check this out, go for it. You will not be disappointed.


  • Excellent Customization abilities
  • Expansive gameplay that delivers multiple ways to play.
  • Social Battles are fun and engaging.


  • Heavy techno babble that might lose audience.
  • The battery system is annoying.
  • Boss fights are ridiculously hard.
  • Character animations during conversations feel robotic and stiff.

I’m not really a huge fan of action role-playing games but this one I really got into. Before I knew it, I was spending hours on upgrading Jensen’s abilities. Don’t be worry about the story either. This is a standalone plot that only hints at references to the other two games. Even if you never played the other ones, they aren’t necessary for the story here. I give Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the Xbox 360 8 out of 10.

Official Gameplay Trailer

Marcus leaps into the year 2027 and brings back this futuristic review on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Is the game any good? Or does it deserve to go back to the stone age?