Devil May Cry 2 (HD Collection) Review






PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Release Dates:

PlayStation 2 (January 25, 2003)

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (April 3, 2012)


Action, Hack and Slash


Single Player



-Marcus Lawrence

The hunter shall surpass all who come before him

Devil May Cry 2… I have a love/hate relationship regarding it. On one hand, I do like DMC2 and consider the story to be canon. The flip side is I really can’t stand the direction it went for and how poorly made it was. The final installment of the Devil May Cry series (as far as the timeline goes) definitely confused a lot of the fans out there. Whether it be that Dante barely speaks or the fact that the game as a whole feels pretty bland; it’s no wonder that many harbor feelings of disgust towards the game. I would even go as far to say that it doesn’t even feel like a DMC title. Even with me being a hardcore fan of the series, it just doesn’t carry the same feeling that the other ones do.

From the moment that players lay eyes on Dante, they probably will notice that he seems to be quite older. Devil May Cry 2 takes place years after all of the other games and it shows. Dante is no longer that wise-cracking demon slayer that fans have come to love; even his face seems darker in features now. The setting revolves around the island of Vie de Marli where Dante joins forces with Lucia, the mysterious demon fighter. Their goal is to stop Arius, a businessman trying to gain demonic power and hellbent on ruling the world. Both Dante and Lucia have their own playable campaigns. Lucia’s story is shorter than Dante’s and she occasional fights different bosses. The environments are recycled, which means that Lucia goes through all of the places that Dante just traveled through and vice versa. I’m not a big fan of levels being reused, so this greatly disappointed me.

As far as combat goes, I’m not even sure that I can describe DMC2 as a stylish action game like I did with the others. Sure it still has the same stylish rankings but it just feels watered down. To successful raise your style, players will be depending on the guns and dodge ability… a lot. Whereas before you had to use different moves to build style, now all you need to do is spam the same combo to get the job done. When the enemy dies, the use of guns and dodging help to keep the style meter from dying off. I don’t mind that they play a part in helping out but when they are necessary to get a high rank, that’s where I draw the line. Put simply, the action just isn’t as in your face as before. Not to forget that the targeting system hinders most of the fun that could be had during combat. Spastic and unreliable are the best words to describe how it works and I’m convinced it has a mind of its own.

Weapons still play a role in the game, just not a big role like before. Dante still uses his Ebony & Ivory handguns as well the trademark Rebellion. Newcomer Lucia has throwing knives and twin-curved blades that are suited for her acrobatic movements. Along the way, both demon hunters can find new weapons that swap out the standard ones. Personally, I feel like the weapons you find aren’t even worth using because the only different is the size and shape of them. I stuck with the same weapons from beginning to end and that was a disappointment. Some good news though is the use of Devil Hearts which allows for some customization. Whether you choose a heart that allows you to fly or to make the player run faster, the choice is yours. Since there are three types of hearts; players can mix and match to find the right combination for themselves. The use of the devil hearts are applied when either Dante or Lucia go into devil trigger mode. Once activated, the player becomes an unstoppable force to bosses and regular demons alike. When you beat the game with either character, you unlock a harder difficulty, alternate costumes and the bloody palace mode. For a secret playable character, beat the game on hard mode with Dante. With those options under the belt, players might invest some time to complete them.


  • It’s a Devil May Cry game (barely)
  • The art style is much more gothic and suits the dark feel of DMC2


  • The combat is watered down
  • Targeting system is unreliable and hindering
  • Same environments are recycled for both characters
  • Lack of story
  • Underwater levels… ugh.

Devil May Cry 2 really dragged Dante’s name through the mud and it was thanks to the third one that he even recovered. It’s a shame to say that as a fan of DMC but as a player, I was not impressed with what was done. 


So there you have it folks, the end of the Devil May Cry: HD collection review. It was fun except for DMC2 but it was a great privilege to be allowed to do such a legendary series. This is a perfect chance to get two really great games for such a great value if you have been thinking about it. This has been my gift to you all and in the words of Dante: “That’s the only kind of gift worth giving.” Had it not been for Devil May Cry 2, I could of given this collection a much better score. 


DMC Devil May Cry | HD Collection trailer (2012)

Marcus says that Devil May Cry 2 is the weakest in the series. Do you agree? If not, what game in the series is the weakest to you and why?