Devil May Cry 4 Review






Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, PC

Release Dates:

PlayStation 3/Xbox 360: February 8, 2008


July 8, 2008


February 3, 2011


Action, Hack and Slash


Single Player



-Marcus Lawrence

New face, new console, same old Devil May Cry action

Just so you all know, there was a point where Devil May Cry 4 was reviewed already by Eric Lee Lewis. The only reason that I’m doing again is because I want to continue the story of the DMC series. I figured it would be a nice treat for you all. The fourth installment of the legendary Devil May Cry series just so happens to come third in the timeline. It’s been years since Dante stopped Vergil’s plans and then went to Mallet Island to defeat the demon emperor, Mundus. So, what has Dante been up to over the years? Who knows, because in this title you play as newcomer, Nero. As a knight for the Order of the Sword, which is a following that worships the legendary dark knight Sparda, Nero is rebellious and a bit cocky. Sounds just like a certain demon killer for hire, right? Speaking of which, don’t be surprised if he makes an appearance throughout the adventure.

As the camera pans out in the streets of Fortuna, players catch a glimpse of Nero as he runs towards a building off in the distance. Before long, he is attacked by a horde of demons but they prove no match for him. Nero makes it inside just in time to see romantic interest, Kyrie, finish her song. During the sermon Nero and the followers of Sparda look on in shock as a mysterious man in red kills the preacher. Before long, Nero springs into action and takes on the assassin; little does he know of the journey that lies before him.

Just like with all of the other DMC games, combining both sword and gun attacks is the best way for players to handle any demon that gets in their way. Alright, so Nero might look like Dante but he plays nothing like him. The first thing players will notice is that Nero’s arm is pretty much a demon arm. This arm has a number of unique moves that will prove useful in combat. If an enemy is close to Nero, it can be grabbed or punished. For example, they can be slammed to the ground or thrown around like a rag doll. Another useful move would be the snatch ability. Remember how in the previous installments, if the enemy was too far or knocked back, you would have to chase after them? Snatch eliminates that chasing by bringing said enemy to you, allowing for more combos to be strung together.

The demon arm isn’t the only new feature that Nero is capable of. Red Queen (which is Nero’s sword) can be revved up like a motorcycle for enhanced attack power. This mechanic is perfect for when you’re fighting groups of enemies. The hardcore players will actually be able to find the right timing to rev the sword, causing the maximum amount of damage. As a twist, once you get far enough in the story, Nero will gain the power to do a devil trigger. This boosts the power and speed of his attacks and even adds new abilities for his demon arm. At some point in the game, players will be able to take control of  Dante and notice a few differences. One of the best changes is that Dante can use all four styles without switching to a menu screen. In DMC3, developers introduced Sword Master, Gunslinger, Trickster, and Royal Guard styles and all of them are back. By simply hitting the D-Pad, players can seamlessly switch from style to style while still keeping up with their attacks. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Once players beat the game for the first time, they unlock new difficulties, the bloody palace mode, and super Nero/super Dante. Both characters are able to stay in their devil trigger modes indefinitely if the super mode is engaged. Those that are seeking a challenge will probably try to beat all of the difficulties as well as the bloody palace mode. Don’t worry though, there are only 101 stages this time around. It’s safe to assume that hours will be spent on playing Devil May Cry 4. I personally have played this game for 137 hours and 36 minutes. That’s a lot of time for a simple action hack and slash game.


  • Tight and responsive controls
  • Stylish and satisfying action


  • A lot of backtracking
  • Dumb dice game that must be beaten in order to progress

Devil May Cry 4 has to be the best of the series in my opinion. Anyone that is a fan of the Devil May Cry series or that may even be interested, should give this a try.


Devil May Cry 4: Official Trailer

Luckily, Marcus rereviewed Devil May Cry 4 so that he could do the series in order for our readers. Were you a fan of Nero? Where do you think Nero fits into the Sparda family?