Devil May Cry (HD Collection) Review


Team Little Devils




PlayStation2, PlayStation3, Xbox 360

Release Date:

PlayStation2: October 17, 2001

PlayStation3, Xbox 360: April 3, 2012


Action, Hack and Slash


Single Player



-Marcus Lawrence

The very first Devil May Cry that defined the genre.

It’s that time now; Time for the second part of the DMC: HD Collection review and we continue along the timeline to the one that started it all. Devil May Cry takes place twenty years after the prequel; Dante has set up his shop and is a demon killer for hire. Ever since the initial release back in 2001, DMC has always been a staple name in the genre for years now. So as Dante once said “Time to go to work guys!”

Now that Dante is a lot older and more mature, we can see how his character drastically changes from the brash, wise-cracking teenager to a responsible yet cocky adult. During Devil May Cry players discover that Dante is searching for the demons that killed his mother as well as his twin Vergil. Then one night, a mysterious blonde woman named Trish, crashes into Dante’s place and attacks him; only to be stopped by his demonic powers. Here she tells him that the dark lord, Mundus, is planning to return and only the descendent of the legendary dark knight can defeat him. Knowing this could be the chance for revenge, Dante heads out to Mallet Island to stop the resurrection and avenge his family.

Mallet Island is full of demons and traps that you must overcome if you wish to make it out alive. At first, you start out with the two pistols, Ebony and Ivory, and Force Edge, a sword left behind by Dante’s father. As you come across demons, the most effective way to combat them is to string together moves and build up the style. This can be done by seamlessly transition from slashing the enemy upward and shooting into their defenseless body. There are many other alternate ways of building style and it’s up to each player to find the way that suits them. The higher you get the style, the more orbs you will receive. Orbs can be used to buy items and to purchase new moves for weapons.

Along the way, players will find new weapons, ranging from fiery gauntlets to a variety of firearms. Each weapon is handled different and must be used properly for each demon. Some demons are weak against swords while others are weak against the shotgun. The bosses are some of the tougher creatures that you must face. Only way to beat them is to observe their movements and find the right time to strike. Finding each weakness is also key to defeating them and ensuring Dante’s survival. At some point in the game, Dante receives the ability to go Devil Trigger. During this phase, Dante’s power and speed rise tremendously, pretty much giving him the potential to destroy anything in his path. Puzzle elements help to break up the routine of constant combat; giving players a breather before heading back into battle. Considering that the original game came out eleven years ago, I would have to say that it aged quite well. 

So, how does Devil May Cry look with the updated HD graphics? Well, all the menus and some of the main cutscenes didn’t get the HD treatment but all of the in-game graphics have been done. Slaying demons looks good and all but just like DMC3, you can see the old-gen graphics still underneath. It does look way better than just playing on the PS2 though. The character animations are still intact and function how they should.

So, that’s pretty much it folks. Devil May Cry is still the same game that fans have grown to love. Only problems I ran across would have to be the camera angles and how you always have to enter a menu to switch weapons. The camera hinders you from seeing what enemies may be doing off-screen or cause you to get hit by an unseen enemy. The constant going to the menu screen just to switch weapons feels off considering all the other entries have button presses that do the action. I stuck with Alastor (a sword you get) and the two pistols because it was a pain to keep switching. If they could add new enemies to the game, I’m positive the developers could of implemented a way to switch weapons more easily. It was definitely good to go down nostalgia lane again though.


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