DLC Coming Tomorrow For The Amazing Spider-Man

-Marcus Lawrence

For those webheads out there that have The Amazing Spider-Man, DLC will be coming to you in just a few hours! There are four DLC packs in total that will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The packs are $3 or $4 when bought separately and $10 if bought as a bundle. The following states what each pack will hold:

The Lizard Rampage Pack:

This DLC allows gamers to play as the Lizard and well…cause some damaged to Manhattan. By using tail and claw attacks, you can takedown Oscorp guards or just cause some simple destruction. The more damage you do to the city, the more points that can be earned. Also, by playing this pack, you can unlock the Vigilante Spider-Man costume.

Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack:

The Oscorp Search & Destroy DLC consists of two classic arcade-style games. The first game has you in control of a gigantic mechanical Oscorp snake that must guide through Manhattan. The other game lets you use a reprogrammed Hunter Robot to take down waves of enemies.

Rhino Challenge Pack:

While this pack was previously available to those that pre-ordered from GameStop, the Rhino Challenge DLC has the player control, you guessed it, the Rhino. The goal is to race through Manhattan and destroy as much as you can, as quickly as possible within a time limit. From there, you can compare scores with friends and upload those times via online leaderboards.

Stan Lee Adventure Pack:

The last of the packs was also another one of the pre-order bonuses from Amazon and lets players take control of Stan Lee with the power of Spider-Man. By swinging through the city, Stan must find pages of a script which leads to a surprise at the end.

Without a doubt, these four DLC packs will increase the replay valve. Question is, are you ready for it webhead?