DmC Preview

- Eric Lee Lewis

Never before have I seen a reboot get such a horrid reception and then months later see that same game get a much warmer reception. DmC has gotten just that type of reception. As a die-hard Devil May Cry fan, I was originally upset at the look of Dante and how much the story seemed different from what we were used to. Hell, I am usually not a fan of prequels in general. This trailer scared me as a gamer. (DmC Reveal Trailer from TGS 2010)

Even though I wasn’t the only person that originally hated this idea, some gamers were much angrier. With some of these gamers that don’t understand the reboot came gamers that allow anger and stupidity to flow onto the internet. Some people went about taking out their anger on Ninja Theory in the form of death threats and threats of not buying their games while others made captioned photos with improper grammar. 

I have made a complete turn around over the past couple of years. Dante seems to have a lot more depth and his angst as this much younger character seems to be greater. Whilst being accused of being a sexual deviant, Dante is trying to take down an organization set on world domination led by Mundus. As any Devil May Cry fan may remember, Mundus was last seen in the first Devil May Cry as a gigantic statue. In this iteration of the DmC universe, Mundus is a well-dressed rich man that is trying to kill Dante with his minions or capture him with his bad portrayals of Dante.

Mundus from DmC

Quite frankly DmC is shaping up to possibly be the best in the series. The gameplay looks more fluid than ever and the story seems to be taking place in a very interesting place called Limbo City where everything is out to get Dante and the organization that has hired him. This city transforms into many different forms to try to kill Dante but also gives Dante a way to show off exactly how he can traverse any area and fight any enemy. 

Just one of the landscapes in DmC and how it transforms to kill Dante

The main thing that scared me was losing what we knew about Dante and his family. I was genuinely worried that we wouldn’t hear anything about Dante’s twin brother Vergil at all and maybe the Vergil story would be nixed. Well, today a new trailer went up showing off Vergil and it seems as if Dante already knew about him and is perfectly content working side by side. This is a complete transformation of the story and I can honestly say I am extremely excited to see the way that this game shapes up. 

DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer - Gamescom 2012

How did you feel about the DmC reboot when you saw the original trailer? Have you come around and become excited about DmC now?