Downloadable Roundup for October 28, 2012

-Greg Livingston

Alright, US gamers—another week has passed, and we’ve gotten more downloadable games for our consoles. Let’s list ‘em off just in case you missed one.

(Thanks to Derek Liesse for the logos!)

Pictured above: Guilty Gear XX Acore Plus.

Xbox Live Arcade

  • Guilty Gear XX Acore Plus – October 24, 2012 – 1,200 points

The latest entry in Arc System Works’ storied and quirky fighting game series, you’ll find deep tactics matched by bizarre movesets.

  • Home Run Stars – October 26, 2012 – 800 points

Use your Kinect to compete in three stadiums and hit a variety of targets for varying point totals.

Xbox Live Games on Demand

  • Bakugan: Defenders of the Core – October 23, 2012 - $19.99

Control monsters and take on fighting, stealth, and adventure in a quest to save the planet.

  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien – October 23, 2012 - $19.99

Travel the world and collect ancient artifacts using 17 unique alien forms in this 3D action adventure.

  • Dynasty Warriors 7 – October 23, 2012 - $29.99

Face massive armies alone or with a friend in this action game loosely based on history.

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘13 – October 23, 2012

The latest in EA’s golf sim series takes advantage of the Kinect.

Pictured above: Liberation Maiden.


  • 18th Gate – October 25, 2012 – 500 points

Explore the world and control different heroes in 18 different dungeons in this adventure/strategy title.

3DS eShop

  • Liberation Maiden – October 25, 2012 - $7.99

The president of New Japan pilots a flying mech and saves her country in this hectic shooter.

  • NightSky – October 25, 2012 - $9.99

Picturesque graphics are matched by cerebral puzzles in this 2D platformer.

Wii Virtual Console

  • Shock Troopers – October 25, 2012 – 900 points

This overhead Commando-style shooter has unique routes to take and powerups aplenty with classic SNK action.

3DS Virtual Console

  • Castlevania: The Adventure – October 25, 2012 - $2.99

An old-school Castlevania for the original Game Boy stocked with plenty of old-school challenge.

  • Ghosts ‘n Goblins – October 25, 2012 - $4.99

Lead Sir Arthur through legions of demons in this classic 2D action platformer with nail-biting difficulty.

3DS Retail Games

  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – October 28, 2012 - $39.99

Follow a rich story as you solve mysteries and crack brain-teasers.

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Pictured above: Winback: Covert Operations.

All of the games listed below were released on October 23, 2012.

PlayStation 3 – PlayStation Network

  • Killzone HD - $14.99

The story-driven PlayStation 2 first person shooter is back with HD-quality graphics.

  • Starhawk (single player only) - $19.99

This third person shooter implements real time strategy elements.

  • The Unfinished Swan - $14.99

Explore a barren landscape by painting it into view and solve puzzles as you follow a runaway swan to the realm’s creator.

PlayStation Vita

  • Frobisher Says! - $0.00

This bizarre and humorous minigame collection sets out to use every input option available on the Vita.

  • Orgarhythm - $29.99

Using touch controls, Orgarhythm ties together real-time strategy gameplay with rhythm in a fantasy setting where you play as a god.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken - $39.99

Capcom and Namco franchise fighters face off in this tag-team battle title.

  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz - $29.99

Take control of a monkey trapped in a plastic ball and roll it to the exit in this puzzle/platformer. This entry in the Monkey Ball series contains new minigames and even a level creation mode.

  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward - $34.99

Suspense and puzzles abound in this visual novel, sequel to the Nintendo DS’ 999. You play as one of the nine people trapped in a warehouse caught in a deadly game.

PlayStation 3 – PlayStation 2 Retail Games

  • Winback: Covert Operations - $9.99

This third person shooter from 2001 has proven influential to the genre, introducing concepts like cover systems and laser sights.

PlayStation 3 – PlayStation 3 Retail Games

  • The Darkness II - $39.99

With a plot written by Paul Jenkins, writer for The Darkness comic book series, The Darkness II is a first person shooter about a man with supernatural powers—the Darkness will grant you strength in combat, but it also makes you susceptible to light. Darkness II also contains a coop campaign for up to four players.

  • Medal of Honor Warfighter - $59.99

Sequel to the 2010 reboot of the long-running Medal of Honor first person shooter franchise. Warfighter features scenarios based on true stories told by Tier 1 operatives. You can read GGN’s review of Medal of Honor Warfighter here.