Dragonborn DLC Confirmed for Skyrim

-Marcus Lawrence

Today, Bethesda official confirmed that the next DLC expansion pack for Skyrim will be called Dragonborn. Dragonborn will be available on the Xbox Marketplace December 4th for 1600 Microsoft Points. Bethesda hasn’t given up much detail on what the DLC will contain.

Instead, the Dragonborn trailer has been released and offers gamers a peek at what’s to come. Given what information the trailer revealed, gamers will be going up against the previous Dragonborn. Oh, did I mention you can ride dragons? Well yes, dragons are now creatures that can be ridden. Exactly how one rides a dragon is yet known.

Players will also be returning to the island of Solstheim which first appeared in Morrowind. There has been no word as to whether this DLC will arrive on PC and PS3 yet. PC gamers will probably get it but for PS3 owners, that remains to be seen.