DtV: Asura's Wrath- Lost Episode 1 DLC

Release Date: May 8, 2012

-Marcus Lawrence

Even with the main storyline finished, the DLC keeps on rolling out. Asura’s Wrath is full of non-stop action and flying fists, so what better game to pair it with than Capcom’s own Street Fighter series? I’m even convinced there’s a tie-in with Street Fighter X Tekken hidden somewhere here. For the entire DLC, Asura will duke it out with iconic martial artist, Ryu. If you’re not excited yet, just wait until Ryu allows the Satsui No Hado to take control! Who will come out on top?!

Besides a new fight featuring Ryu in two very familiar locations and a couple of new QTE inputs, players will mostly notice the main difference moments before the action starts. Using the look and formula of Street Fighter IV, players will be surprised to know that the first half of the fight must be done the SFIV way. Moving in a 2D direction with 3D surroundings may surprise some people. Asura’s burst meter has even been fitted to look like a super meter. However, once this half is over, the real fighting begins. Also, with another nod towards SFIV, there is even a mission mode for play once the episode has been completed. Ranging from not using any specials to even getting a perfect on Ryu, players will have more to do once the credits stop rolling.

Asura’s Wrath: Lost Episode 1 is 160 Microsoft Points/ $1.99 on PSN

Casual Asura’s Wrath Gamer: This is just a what-if possibility(or is it?) and has no main influence on the story. If all you care about is the story, you can pass this one by.

Hardcore Asura’s Wrath Gamer: Of course you all should get it! The action alone constitutes for a download and it’s cheap too! Not only that but with the second episode featuring Akuma, you know that something’s about to go down.

Asura’s Wrath: Asura vs. Ryu

Ryu has stepped into Asura’s world and is looking for a fight. Are you angry enough to give into that fighting urge?