DtV: Asura's Wrath- Lost Episode 2 DLC

Release Date: May 16th, 2012

-Marcus Lawrence

After witnessing the clash between Asura and Evil Ryu, a new challenger has appeared to do battle with the angry demigod. Master of the Satsui No Hado and killer of Ryu’s Master, Akuma (or Gouki if you prefer) steps onto the battlefield. What will happen to the two fighters Akuma has set his eyes on? And will the fight be even more epic than the previous one? Only one way to find out.

Other than a new boss fight and QTE layouts, this DLC doesn’t offer anything new to the table that Lost Episode 1 didn’t provide. Not that it’s a problem because the fight between Asura and Akuma rivals most of the past fights of the game. Besides being over-the-top action, it is also gorgeous to see in motion. Not only that but the ending even seems to leave off at a point that promises more DLC. With a price as cheap as the first, I can see no reason for not downloading it.

Asura’s Wrath: Lost Episode 2 is 160 Microsoft Points/ $1.99 on PSN

Causal Asura’s Wrath gamer: As I stated before with Lost Episode 1, you do not need to purchase this seeing how it doesn’t expand the story. But if you want a what-if scenario with a great fight, go for it. You shouldn’t be disappointed.

Hardcore Asura’s Wrath gamer: No need to even say anything because most of you probably have it already. For those that don’t, its everything you love about Asura’s Wrath with Akuma thrown in for fun.

Akuma vs. Asura

With the last of the Asura’s Wrath DLC out for download and more to come in the future, would you download each individually or wait for the possible Game of the Year edition?