DtV: Batman Arkham City- Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC

Release Date: May 29, 2012/ Writer: Marcus Lawrence

Before reading any further, be warned: There are major spoilers for those who have not beaten Arkham City yet.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge is a new 2 hour campaign that takes places weeks after the events of Arkham City. As you all know (or hopefully know), the Crown Prince of Crime, AKA The Joker, died at the ending of Arkham City. With his death, he left many shocked and even scarred including Batman. However, Harley Quinn took the worse of it as her state of mind deteriorated with his passing. Believing that Joker’s death was caused by Batman, Harley sets her sights on the Dark Knight.

A new story and new enemies await players when they return to Arkham City. This is the first time that players will be able to use Robin in a campaign setting. With the use of Robin, players have new gadgets to use to avoid traps and help when surrounded by hencemen. Beside some of the new additions, that is all players will experience during their time back to Arkham City.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge is currently 800 Microsoft points/$10.00

Casual Batman Arkham City gamer:Many of you really don’t need this DLC. Mostly because it doesn’t add anything new story-wise. For the casual gamer, you might view this as a waste of money.

Hardcore Batman Arkham City gamer:For hardcore Batman fans, you may also be disappointed by this DLC. Not like this DLC is bad but it doesn’t even slightly answer any questions that we have. Besides Batman and Harley’s feeling towards the Joker’s death, there’s no new info to go on here.

*There may be new Easter eggs out but I never seen any of it yet*

Harley Quinn’s Revenge Trailer

Even though I said Harley Quinn’s Revenge isn’t really needed for both casual an hardcore games…would you still download this DLC?