DtV: Mass Effect 3- Extended Cut DLC

Release Date: 

June 26, 2012

-Jovan St. Lawrence

In March, Mass Effect 3 was released to critical acclaim all across the board, including lots of controversy toward the ending. Mass Effect 3’s initial ending dissatisfied and alienate many gamers due to not giving us the concluding result of all the choices we made from the original Mass Effect in 2007 all the way till now. It also did not provide the necessary closure we needed to the finale of Commander Shepard’s story.

BioWare has addressed these complaints and after four long months of free multiplayer DLC packages, we finally get the Extended Cut to our Mass Effect 3 campaign. On a side note, the Extended Cut only expands on the already established endings for Mass Effect 3. It does not drastically change them by any means. There’s a fourth choice, a refusal ending, should you refuse The Catalyst’s choices of Control, Destroy, or Synthesis which leads to another Reaper purge and the continuation of the cycle. This choice of Refusal leads to two other cutscenes after the credits.

Now this is a spoiler-free review, however, the Extended Cut provides just over 20 minutes of cutscenes including an extended version of the ending based on what choice you made. That being said, I’m am fully pleased with what BioWare has done with this. I now feel complete in knowing what happened and although Mass Effect is by no means finished, I can successfully say goodbye to the characters I’ve come attached to over the years. It was a great experience altogether and it wasn’t too little or too late considering Mass Effect 3 will be taking home several Game of The Year awards this year. However, a word of advice to BioWare, do it right the first time around, please.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC

- Free on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, & PC

This is perfect for anyone and everyone who played Mass Effect 3 or every game in the series. It is nearly 2 GB for download but very much worth it since it’s free and what not.