DtV: Resident Evil: ORC- Echo Six Prologue Mission DLC

Release Date: April 10, 2012

-Marcus Lawrence

With the end of Resident Evil: ORC, the Umbrella Security Service either killed Leon and captured Sherry along with Claire or let the three of them go and cut ties to Umbrella for good. With the USS story over, (or put on hold) there is one other campaign that was bound to happen. The Echo Six team is sent into Raccoon City to try and find the Umbrella Secret Laboratory. With some help from Claire, the Echo Six team must fight through hordes of the undead and mutants if they wish to succeed.

The only addition to the game is the access to a brand, new campaign mission featuring soldiers from Echo Six. If you played the online, you will recognize these people easily. The purpose of the DLC is to start their story and explain the purpose for them being in Raccoon City. Just as the title says, it is only a single mission that is included in the DLC. Other than new characters to choose from and different objects, nothing new is presented.

Resident Evil: ORC- Echo Six Prologue Mission is free to download

Casual/Hardcore RE: ORC gamers: Even though this is a free download, the other two DLC are not free. So if you don’t care about the story enough to play for them, you can skip this altogether. If you are getting them, this is the beginning to start.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City- Echo Six Prologue Mission Gameplay

Even though most people don’t seem to enjoy this title, the DLC came out anyway. Being free and leading up to a story with the Echo Six team, is this worth the time or just a waste?