E3 2012: EA Press Conference

-Eric Lee Lewis

Right off the bat we are shown Dead Space 3. Dead Space is no longer a horror game. This is now a cooperative action game. There was a lot of cover-based shooting like Gears of War and a lot of random shooting. Dead Space as we know it seems dead. Dead Space 3 will be out in February of 2013

Next up we saw a Madden 13 trailer. We are being talked at by a football player that is trying to be motivational. We are told that it will run on a new engine called the Infinity Engine. Also, there is now a career mode that will focus upon your specific created character. Adding to this is the ability to connect your other devices to the game and manage their stats and do certain other things with your team on a new EA Sports social application. 

SimCity Social is shown off and got very audible “boos” from the crowd. After that was shown, the new SimCity game was shown for PC. This ended up getting huge applause. The cool thing about this new SimCity title is the idea that it is multiplayer and that your city will affect the surrounding cities. 

Battlefield 3 Premium was shown. This is basically Call of Duty Elite but offered way too late in the games’ lifespan. 

Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting more updates. Nobody seemed to care. 

Medal of Honor: Warfighter was finally shown off. There isn’t much to discuss about it. If I hadn’t been told that it was Medal of Honor, I would have thought that is was Call of Duty. Release date of October 23, 2012.

Dana White, president of the UFC, comes out on stage and announces their new partnership with EA. This is a huge blow to the already decaying THQ. 

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is played in front of the crowd. This looks like it could be an amazing addition to the already stellar NFS series. There are plenty of awesome set-piece moments and awesome chases to be had. I’m sure that we will know more very soon. The release date is October 30, 2012. 

To close out their show, EA showed off the new Crysis 3. This is how a shooter should look. The pace is excellent, the graphics are crisp, and it looks as if we get to choose how we want to approach any fight. This game should be high on everybody’s list.

EA’s conference did have many sigh-worthy spots to it. All-in-all, some of the games that they had showed looked great. Honestly, I am just sad for THQ losing their deal with UFC.