Dead Space 3 Awakened Launch Date

EA has stated that March 12th will be the day that we see a DLC expansion for Dead Space 3. According to Shereif Fattouh of Visceral Games, the DLC will be $10 and will continue the story of Dead Space 3 and provide the games’ real epilogue. 

Eric’s opinion:
I’m not quite sure what it is recently with AAA titles in the games industry, but a lot of these bigger companies no longer put out a full game. Sure, the game is supposed to be fine on its own, but this is supposed to be an extra $10 for the “REAL” epilogue. 

Maybe it’s old-fashioned to think that when a game comes out, it should already be finished. 

Maybe being nickled-and-dimed is the wave of the future. 

One thing is for certain; we must learn to speak with our wallets.