EA Financials: Digital Up 36%, FIFA sells over 14.5m, Battlefield 3 has 3.5m Subs, and SimCity sells 1.6m

Electronic Arts released their financials today for their investors, and there were some interesting things to take away from it. EA's digital strategy, while taking a lot of criticism from hardcore gamers, has obviously been working as they saw their non-GAAP digital net revenue rise 36% to $1.7 billion. EA was also the #1 publisher in Western retail markets in the March quarter, and the #1 global publisher in the iOS game market for FY 2013. 

FIFA 13 performed well for EA this year as it sold through 14.5 million units for fiscal year 2013 which is a 30% increase over FIFA 12. It also appears that FIFA Ultimate Team helped with the digital initiative as FIFA 13 netted 200 million for the fiscal year , which is a 94% increase over FIFA 12 in the previous year. Total 
FIFA digital net revenue generated nearly $350 million in FY 2013, including EA SPORTS™FIFA Online and FIFA World Class Soccer.

Battlefield 3 Premium was also a smart initiative on EA's part as it netted them $120 million through March and has garnered 3.5 million subscriptions. EA has moved very heavily into the digital space, and Premium as well as Ultimate Team are big leaders in that category.

One of the more surprising things to come out of the EA's fiscal report is the fact that SimCity sold 1.6 million copies and over 50% of those have been digitally which also supports their digital initiatives. SimCity doing so well may be a surprise to some with the rocky launch. It almost makes you wonder if the game would have done even better had it not be for a slew of server issues in the initial few weeks.  

Check out the full financial report by clicking here!

Check out the full financial report by clicking here!