Entitlement Over the Mass Effect 3 Ending

These are the opinions of Eric Lee Lewis and not necessarily the thoughts of Empty Wallet Gamer as a whole. 

-Eric Lee Lewis

Humor me; Imagine you have spent a good portion of your time away from your family. Missing things your significant other and children have been up to. You have had to write a story and you give it the ending you love. Hell, it’s YOUR story. You are immensely proud of your story and couldn’t imagine it being better. Pretty good thing, yeah? 

Now imagine the people reading your story hate it. Not only do they hate it, they want it to change because the internet has given them (as well as me) the ability to vent their frustration. They go to extreme lengths to bash you to publishers, businesses, and the higher-ups. This sucks doesn’t it? Especially if you really take the time to put yourself into these shoes. 

I am a writer. I have written short stories and am currently writing a book.  I have an ending picked out currently and I know it won’t be for everyone. What happens if a lot of people read my book and hate the ending? Are people going to stomp their feet until I change my ending?

Not only am I a writer, the whole Empty Wallet Gamer staff are writers. If you don’t agree with one of our reviews, do you think we will change it? The chances of us changing a review are nil. We all talk daily and argue about certain subjects. They know I am writing this currently and we spent a bit talking about it. I told them that I am writing this no matter what, not that anybody told me not to. Had they told me not to, I still would have. 

The problem that we have here is a horrible sense of entitlement. The ending isn’t the best in Mass Effect 3, but it isn’t an ending to appease everybody. The ending was suitable to what the writer intended. Going on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook and bashing BioWare is not going to help. A number of death threats and verbal lashings have been handed out to the crew of BioWare and for no good reason. Actually, no reason is good enough. 

While some death threats have been made, other people have started a fund that goes to Child’s Play, a supporter of ours, to change the ending (an article can be found here). While I am happy that the money is going to a great charity like Child’s Play, I think this is horrible. Child’s Play should stand up and say something to the extent of, “We appreciate the donations, but cannot accept this money due to the cause of the donations.” Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. 

I understand this article may piss some of you off, but it needs to be said. Just because we aren’t the happiest about something doesn’t mean we have the right to try to change it. This has been an invention of the internet and the internet community. Once again, we do not OWN BioWare and do not deserve a say in what happens at the end. We are consumers and get what we pay for. If you don’t like it, speak with your wallets and don’t buy the game. It’s a simple fix to a complex situation. Next time you find yourself in this position, go ask Steven King to change the ending of one of his books or ask David Jaffe to change something in one of his games. I guarantee they have some pretty harsh words for you.

To reiterate, I am a writer and the sense of entitlement the internet community feels toward a game or series makes me sick. Sometimes we need to accept things as they are and deal with it. 


In Response to rumirumirumirumi’s words: I did not state that Child’s Play should just give back the money. It was more along the lines of saying that accepting money under such circumstances was not right. Money going to a great charity like Child’s Play is wonderful. Money going to Child’s Play under the pretenses that it should make a difference in changing a game’s ending instead of a child’s life is sickening. 

While I understand that Mass Effect is all about choice. There are a set amount of endings. Not everybody gets a completely different ending. They are penned in a certain way, as most books/shows/movies. 

Finally, when I say vote with your wallet, I mean that we shouldn’t buy the game if we know the ending is that bad. If you did, demand that money back and spend it on an indie title. Support those that need it, not BioWare and EA Games. Hell, support a game that has a better story if that is how you feel. Maybe, just maybe, when the next BioWare comes out you shouldn’t support that.

The act of making me look like a bad person for standing up for the industry I love and respect so much is not something I take lightly. My article wasn’t supposed to be silly and I understand that not everybody is going to “get it”. To those that do understand where I am coming from; thank you. A simple thank you is all that I can give. Thankfully this article hasn’t been bashed as much as certain others. 

This response may have come off in a negative way, but it was NOT supposed to. I appreciate rumirumirumirumi giving his/her thoughts and helping me to clarify what I was saying. 

*Update 2*

The fact that people are still complaining about this amazes me. Let’s drop all of this other stuff I wrote. While you protest the ending to Mass Effect 3, there are people protesting the gay content of the game. SERIOUS QUESTION: What makes you any different than them? 

People are even whining that the ending was done their way and not the players. Of course it was, it is their game. You bought it. You are a consumer. There aren’t infinite possibilities for endings. If you hate it that much, as I stated earlier, don’t buy any of the DLC. 

People can get mad at me, people can flame me all day long, the issue is that you will still buy the DLC and keep feeding what you guys are so fired up about. Pouring gasoline on flames doesn’t make the flame die out.