EWG Editorial: Download-Only-Content

Written by Eric Lee Lewis

The video game industry is going in a whole new direction to combat buying used games. In a way this seems like a great idea due to the fact that when a game is sold back to a store like GameStop and rebought by somebody else the company that distributed that game doesn’t get any of that money back. It may not seem like a big deal on the surface but this makes sales numbers a fraction of what they could be. A video game, for the most part, takes years to write, develop and produce. Sometimes a whole company’s livelihood relies on the game’s success or failure.  

Recently Batman: Arkham City was released. Upon months or in some cases years of anticipation, we all watched Catwoman play a role in Arkham City. A few weeks before release we then learned that Catwoman had to be downloaded and if the game was bought used the purchaser had to buy a code or had to pay for a download of Catwoman. As it turns out this has had its issues for some of the purchaser with some codes not working. If your code doesn’t work, there is a very rigorous process of taking multiple pictures of the game and the code and sending a lot of other info. Though this problem has only affected a small percentage of the buyers, it is still an issue. 

In my case I have a 360 that has no online capability. I have never had a lot of money nor luck. I currently own an X Box that ended up getting struck by lightning. Though my console still works, the surge of lightning disabled my ethernet port. This means that I have no ability to download Catwoman or any of the other extras that will be download-only-content. I currently have no job and no money to buy/fix my gaming platform. 

In 2012 this will be the new wave for gaming. A co-op mode for Mass Effect 3 is a downloadable extra only. While it doesn’t seem spectacular to have that co-op mode, it does flush out the universe of Mass Effect 3 and possibly add new twists and turns.

Who knows how many people out there have issues like I do with their consoles? I sure don’t but, these people need to speak up and let these companies know that we don’t want to have to wait months or years for another disc of the game that has all of the content like I had to wait for Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.