FAA Might Let You Play Your Handheld During Takeoff?

-Marcus Lawrence

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) might just allow passengers to use their electronic devices during takeoff as early as next March. Now we all know the story about why airports cracked down on electronic devices being on during takeoff. No doubt you’ve even seen someone arguing with a flight attendant about why they can’t use a 3DS or iPhone during takeoff.

The FAA makes some very valid points as to why electronics shouldn’t be on during the takeoff stage. If people had access to their music or games and weren’t paying attention to the attendant, that could cause some issues in case an emergency did occur. Even if phones were allowed to be turned on, would you want to sit in a plane have to listen to people and their business?

As much as this news will probably excite a lot of people, I wouldn’t get too excited until you get confirmation. Just as FAA spokesman Les Dorr told New York Times last year: “There was no evidence saying these devices can’t interfere with a plane, and there was no evidence saying that they can,” Dorr said.

In my opinion, I think the rules should stay just as they are. If people can’t listen to rules that could possibly save their lives for 10 minutes before turning on their iPods or whatever, it’s a real shame to say the least. As for the cellphone thing, people are on those constantly and I’m sure a few hours or even half a day of not using your phone will not kill you.

What do you guys/ladies think? Should the rules change or just stay the same?