Favorite Guilty Pleasure Game?

Welcome to another installment of our feature on Empty Wallet Gamer where we ask a question, get some responses from the EWG crew, and get some of your answers too!  This week’s question: What is your favorite “guilty pleasure” game?  Let us know in the comments and we’ll feature our favorite response on our main page!

Marcus Lawrence -

My guilty pleasure game would have to be Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2.  I know what you all are probably thinking, but what can I say?  First of all, it’s Gundam for crying out loud.  Second, I can’t help but feel like a badass when I’m piloting the Burning Gundam or Gundam Wing and destroying literally thousands of other Mobile Suits.

It’s just one of those games where I could play for hours on end yet by all means, it’s a pretty average game.  Nothing special about it at all.  It’s just a tiny piece of a dream I have to be the pilot of a Mobile Suit.  If Mobile Suits ever come into existence in my day…you can bet your life that I will be first in line to pilot.

Nøél Villa -

After digging up all the games I’ve ever played in my life, I discovered that I had no PC/console guilty pleasure games.  None of them were particularly blackmail material, so I fully turned my attention to Facebook games and decided on the game I hated the most: Tetris Battle.

I hate it because I suck at it.  And yet, I find myself returning to it once in a while for a bit of stress-inducing rage.  Yet I can’t really put anything at fault. Tetris, all in all, is a fundamentally complete game revolving around the number four.  The blocks have four sides, the four basic Tetrimino shapes are all composed of four blocks, and to successfully perform a Tetris move, you must use the line piece to simultaneously complete four rows.  Moreover, fitting things into things feels good.

Also, what makes this version of Tetris different is the “Battle” aspect. There is always pleasure to be found in beating people from all over the world and increasing your rank.  This competitive facet, plus increasing your rank and earning cool stuff is what puts the pleasure in all the guilt I feel from playing such a silly game.

Geoff Barry -

My guilty pleasure would have to be NHL 12. It seems so innocent, which is why it’s surprising. If I find myself looking for a game to play, it almost always results in the EA annual title being popped into my PS3. I just love the satisfaction of beating another player in online versus play. I don’t necessarily have the resources to play hockey myself, so playing NHL 12 is as close as I can get. I know I could work on a game I plan on writing a review for, but my copy of NHL 12 just seems to be locked in my console at times.

When I’m feeling a little frustrated, it never hurts to check someone into the boards crushingly, or juke a goalie out of his pants and score on a breakaway, or even get the better end of a scrap in EA’s first person fighting engine. I’ll admit to suffering some angry losses, but it just makes winning the next game that much better. If you don’t think other players are as competitive, you should take a look at my message log between people I’ll never meet in real life. There’s some serious smack-talk that goes on and it drives me to win.

Calvin Tomlinson -

It was really hard for me to think of a “guilty pleasure” game, because I don’t get any bad feelings from enjoying a game.  Regardless of how other people see a game, or a certain genre of game, I’ll love a game loud and proud!  But there is one I’ve been playing recently that I suppose fits this category the best.

Train Simulator 2012.  Yeah, I said it.  Now, a lot of people don’t seem to see the point of this game, and to a certain extent neither do I.  I’m sure there are people who build up their collection of simulated trains in the same way people collect model trains.  For me, it’s more about having some fun.  I like to find a route that uses the electric train (the fastest that I’ve discovered so far) and absolutely floor it around the route.  I play Train Simulator 2012 like a train racing game, and there is nothing more entertaining than seeing a fully-loaded passenger train fly ‘round a bend and into the nearby river.  Sorry to all you train enthusiasts, but there’s just something about playing Train Simulator 2012 like Destruction Derby that I cannot resist.

Samer Farag -

My guilty pleasure game is Just Cause 2.  Not only is it an enormous stress reliever, it’s also a crazy amount of fun when you don’t really feel like thinking.  The game literally amounts to “find the most creative way to blow things up in as little time as possible.”  And there are days where I love every second of it.  I still come back to Just Cause 2 every once in a while to traverse the lovely fictional tropic island and wreak havoc after a long, stressful, angry day.

So, what about you?  What’s the game you’re embarrassed to love?  Let us know and we’ll feature our favorite comment on the main page!