Former Epic President Mike Capps No Longer With Studio

-Marcus Lawrence

Mike Capps, the former Epic President has left the studio entirely. It would be more accurate to say that since February 11th, Capps was no longer associated with Epic Games.

“When we announced that I wanted to transition out of my leadership role at Epic, the plan was for a continued but less active role, service on the board of directors, and ideally, being that eccentric semi-retired guy who still comes to playtests and gold parties,” Capps wrote this on his Facebook page. 

Capps is more focused on the birth of his first child in just a mere few weeks. Nevertheless, Capps expressed his desire to still be a part of the gaming industry.

“Games have been so good to me, and I’m delighted to have the time to give back,” he writes. “I’m a member of several game industry boards, and I’m proud to serve as an advocate for our art in Washington. I’m considering seats on a few company and advisory boards, as well as options for teaching at one of the world-class universities in the North Carolina Triangle area.” 

Hopefully, everything works out for Capps and his future endeavors but I doubt this will be the last we see of him.