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March 8, 2012



-Keith Michael

You know what is more boring than America’s favorite pastime? Golf! There’s just something about golf that I find really boring. In fact the only aspect of golf I like is the putting; it’s just fun to see how far I can get the ball to go. Thankfully, there are games out there that focus mainly on putting. One of the games I have in mind is a nice little outing on the Nintendo 3DS called FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch.

FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch is as simple as can be but also has it’s challenging moments. There are mainly two ways of playing though both are very similar. The first way is pretty standard; you push a button to start the power gauge and then again to decide the spin. A little arrow will tell you how hard or weak the swing will be and you just have to use your best judgement to get the correct shot. The alternate option would be for players to use the touch screen to perform shots. I found myself enjoying the touch screen controls way more than the classic button setup mainly because it changes how you experience the game. The courses have a pretty simple layout, which was kind of disappointing because I was really looking forward to putting a ball through a windmill or some crazy obstacle. Instead, the levels are bare and only have a few obstacles like cones and boxers just scattered around the field.


Don’t get me wrong, FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch is a fun game; the level designs just make it a bit dull. The game does throw in a couple of levels called trick shot. This is where the player has to see how many times they can bounce the ball off the wall. Doing these levels allows the players to collect coins for points. FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch has a rewards system that allows the player to earn coins in the different levels of competition. With these coins, new levels and putters can be brought but it just didn’t feel like there was enough stuff to buy after a while. One of my biggest issues with the game is the lack of levels and content. Just like with the store, there isn’t much to offer to the players as they progress through the game. You get the opportunity to dress up your character and even though it sounds like a good idea, you only get about 12 different articles of clothing. The levels get mirrored way too often and the only differences would be the addition of obstacles.

The graphics of the game are pretty simple and even follow the same formula for most games that can use Miis. The levels are filled with bland textures and odds shapes and some of them look like cardboard cut outs. FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch gives you a sense of actually being in a real golf course because you can see all the other courses in distance. It doesn’t seem like much, but it does makes the experience more pleasurable. Even though it’s not included, it would have been nice to see other people’s Miis playing on the back courses. Like most of the games for the 3DS, the 3D looks very nice and well done. Although, I will say that I found myself not using the 3D too often because of the need to look at the bottom screen. Shifting from the bottom screen back to the top has a tendency to strain the eyes.


  • Touch controls make for a fun way to play
  • 3D visuals work well
  • Miis make for a more personal experience


  • Only 12 levels
  • Weak textures and cardboard looking trees
  • The 3D started to bother my eyes after awhile

FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch was, with its faults, a fun game. I was very happy when I first started playing the game and was only disappointed when I realized how short it was. I finished the game in about two hours, but for only five dollars that’s not a bad deal.

Verdict: 70%

FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch Trailer

With Nintendo having a lot of golf games already out on the market, is FUN! FUN! MiniGolf Touch just another generic golf title or does it offer more? What’s you’re favorite golf game?