Galactic Gaming News Podcast Episode #40: The Wii U Library is a Dead Space

There is a whole lot to discuss in episode #40. We discuss some more PlanetSide 2, Fire Emblem, Super Meat Boy, Alan Wake, and Mark of the Ninja. The crew also discuss Dead Space 3, DLC and micro-transactions. In the second half, we talk about Ubisoft’s relationship with Nintendo, The Last of Us and PlayStation 4 launch titles. We also give you the chance to win a free digital copy of Crysis for the Xbox 360!

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Next Monday (Feb. 18th) we will record episode #41. On this episode we will have Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy, Binding of Issac) and his wife Danielle on our show. We are very excited to announce this and talk with them, but this is also a chance for you to ask them any question you wish. From now until then, email any questions you have for them at with the subject line “Question For Edmund/Danielle.”