Happy Wheels Review

Developer/Publisher: Jim Bonacci 

Console: Flash Game (http://www.totaljerkface.com/happy_wheels.php)

Release Date: June 2010

Rating: NR

-Eric Lee Lewis

A total jerk face can take a flash game to new levels. 

Happy Wheels has been around in demo form for many years. We have seen it in multiple forms over those years. To a lot of gamers, this game flew under the radar and only recently started to garner some attention thanks to PewDiePie. 

Happy Wheels is an ultra-violent game based upon user-created content. But what is the appeal? To this day, there are over 3 million levels created by players. These levels can range from adventures on your interesting vehicle (complete with interesting rider), to obstacle courses, or even levels to throw things at other characters.  

If Happy Wheels does one thing right, it gets the first word of it’s title correct. You can be having the worst day possible and you turn on HW, in a pretty short amount of time you will find yourself laughing. This isn’t cheap laughter either. This is genuine feel-good laughter. 

Not only can this game make a person laugh, it is just plain fun. Whether you are doing front flips/back flips on a bike, lawn mower, pogo stick, or electric wheelchair or just trying to strategically find a way to the end of the level, Happy Wheels gives a great sense of accomplishment.

There has to be something bad about happy wheels though, right?! Of course there is something amiss, but it isn’t the developer’s fault. There are a lot of levels that are really lame or do nothing just to get somebody to give it a higher rating. The higher the rating, the bigger the possibility that the creator will make it a level on the front page of the game. There are even levels that have text whining about others doing this. In the end, by creating that level, they are doing the same thing. Luckily, there are literally millions of levels to pick and play through.

Verdict:90%:  Happy Wheels is free and doing something completely new with browser-based games. 

Happy Wheels Fan-Made Trailer

Eric thinks Happy Wheels is a great game, flash or not. What are your thoughts?