Hardest Boss Battle?

Welcome to another installment of our feature on Empty Wallet Gamer where we ask a question, get some responses from the EWG crew, and get some of your answers too!  This week’s question: What is the hardest boss battle you’ve ever faced in a game?

Eric Lee Lewis -

There are few games that I have played that I haven’t beaten the boss. A couple stick out to me, but one more than the others: The boss from [Prototype]. Mix 1 part game that gets boring quickly, 1 part lack of explanation, and 1 part short time limit and you have the final boss fight of [Prototype]. Thankfully, it’s been a couple of years and I am trying again.

Uriah Marriott -

When I think back to all of the videogames I have played throughout my 20+ years of gaming, there are a few that have stuck with me and I can remember key points to the game or even the whole game overall, which I think is pretty impressive considering I mostly enjoy playing RPGs. When it comes to mind about some of the hardest bosses I have ever encountered, through, only a few come to mind. Most of them are actually not bosses I have encountered in my RPGs.

For me, one of the hardest bosses I have encountered would have to be the final form of Sigma in Mega Man X for the SNES. One main reason I found him to be very difficult was the age at which I was always playing this game (which was around 10 years old) and the strategy that went with defeating him. To defeat Sigma, you had to have a lot of patience or just be lucky which still to this day I don’t have a lot of when it comes to fighting bosses in gaming genres I don’t usually play. What really makes him remain in my memory was the multiple attacks he had which no matter what you did always dealt a lot of damage and pretty much left you on the edge of your chair wondering if you would end up beating him in the next few attacks or if you were doomed to fight him over and over until you finally just turned off the system and went on with your day. As I think back to that time I am never really sure if I ended up defeating this boss, and at this point I am completely content with that and do not think I will end up pulling out my old SNES to try it again.

Geoff Barry -

To me, this didn’t take much time to decide.  The Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 is not only the most terrifying creature to ever roam the streets of Raccoon City, but also the most difficult to defeat.  When it comes down to it the Nemesis prevented me from beating Resident Evil 3 for many months when I was younger.  It’s the only RE game that I’ve actually needed a strategy guide for.  From the first encounter with the massive, hideously ugly beast I was shaking in my seat.  What makes the Nemesis even more difficult is the number of times I was forced to fight him.  Not only were there countless zombies, several unique secondary bosses, and the normal challenging puzzles to deal with, but the Nemesis showed up several times in the game.  He grew stronger every time he appeared, and it got to the point to where if I had the choice to run and avoid him, I would.  The dude had a rocket launcher… I’d have to be crazy to think a skinny Jill Valentine could beat him.  Just the thought of fighting the Nemesis makes dealing with Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series seem like a walk in the park.

Shawn Trautman -

My hardest boss battle is the titular end boss from Metroid Prime.  She (for some reason I’ve always assumed it was a she) has three different forms, a couple of different stages, massive health reserves, a huge variety of attacks, and she is only vulnerable to certain weapons at certain times.  I played this 30-45 minute battle over a dozen times with no luck.  I actually started to get worse at it near the end.  I was dying sooner and getting to her final stages less often.  I actually began to consider giving up at the very end of what was already then, and has remained, my favorite game of all time.

Eventually, I decided I needed to beef myself up, so I spent an extra five hours combing every inch of the (rather large) game world to get every health and weapon powerup I had missed.  When I finally came back, I beat it on the first try, and never has a victory been sweeter.

Samer Farag -

The hardest final boss that I remember encountering occurred when I was eight. My memory is a bit fuzzy, and it’s probably not nearly as difficult now that I’m older, so I don’t remember exactly what I had to do, but it was Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2 on PS2. Infuriating, he was. Regenerative health; a time limit; bottomless pits; instant hit attacks; and having to save hostages in a burning building - all the stops. I have no idea how I beat him at my age. Countless attempts were made. Countless times my controller was thrown in anger. Till finally, in a fit of sweaty-palmed glory, I miraculously beat him. I pumped my eight year old fist into the air and shouted in triumph: Victory was mine.

Runner-up goes to Kingdom Hearts’ Sephiroth. Dumb silver-haired devil.

Keith Michael-

There are a lot of different types of boss battles in games these days so how do we possibly remember all of them? The thing is we can’t. I can’t remember what the final boss is to a lot of games, even though the games themselves are memorable, sometimes the boss battles just slip into the dark hole that is beaten games. On one hand most of the boss battles that I can remember have something to do with Zelda, Kingdom Hearts or Mario. On the other hand are the really tough battles that I played over and over again until I found that specific little pattern or tell sign that shows the enemies’ weak points. I’m not going to be able to give a specific “hardest boss” fight, so I decided to throw a couple out there that I remember pulling my hair out over.

The first one that comes to mind for some reason is that big worm thing in the Bionic Commando reboot. The first time it was pretty cool because your superior says “You’re just going to have to kill it” and the main character says “With pleasure,” but if you die like I did then you will get the second set of text that says “You’re just going to have to f@#* it” and the main dude says “With pleasure” (sounding confused about what he just heard.) It’s funny to hear that the first time, but after the worm pops out of the ground for the tenth time I found myself mocking the game and wishing it would change the words back to the original form just so I could hear something different for a change. It turns out that I had to do something like smack a car back at the worm in order to confuse it, but it took so long to figure this out that I was ready to stop playing the game. Most of the boss battles in Bionic Commando were like this and by the time I was done with the game I wanted nothing to do with it, even though the swinging was way too much fun.

Another boss on my list is the last Locus from the first Gears of War. Those dang krill he would shoot kept killing me over and over. I remember thinking how much I’ve shot him and how little he is actually dying. I thought the battle was going to last forever, and it really seemed like that was the case, with no health bar to show how far along the battle was. I can still remember how relieved I was when I was able to run past him and get to that turret at the end of the train. When his head finally spewed blood I jumped for joy, until I realized that was the end of this game. Although, I did expect this boss to be kind of tricky considering there are only about three big bosses in the entire game.

There are tons of bosses in games but the one I’m going to leave off on is Sin from Final Fantasy X. You take Tidus and Yuna through this huge game full of big monsters and bigger summons, taking out creature after creature with hardly a scratch taken. The fight against Sin was the only one in the game that made me want to cry, not even the fight against Yo-Jimbo (I think that was the name of the Aeon) made me hate FFX. Here I was all big and bad with my powerful Aeons and my awesome soldiers thinking that I was going to wipe the floor with him. Then they stick me with this weird charge meter that I have to race against. I pulled out all the stops on Sin, Shiva was no match, Ramuh did nothing and even my favorite Ifrit did little to affect Sin. By the time I knew it Sin charged up his beam and killed every one of my characters in one hit. I played Sin probably fifty times before I finally gave up, yes that’s right I gave up. FFX is the only game that I have ever played where I could not get past a boss and to my understanding he wasn’t even the final boss. I’m a little ashamed by the fact that I couldn’t beat Sin and I know I missed out on a truly sad ending, but Final Fantasy X can shove it.

So, what about you?  What’s the hardest boss you’ve ever faced?