How Could A Link to the Past Be Remade?

-Samer Farag

Mr. Miyamoto has stated on many recent occasions that a remake of A Link to the Past is something that has been on his mind. Here’s why it should be done:

With a bump in graphics, similar to that of the handheld Zelda games the Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, and the usage of 3DS features such as online and spotpass, and A Link to the Past in as a 3DS title would be pretty interesting. Perhaps one could spotpass something like screen-shots of their Link in various areas, or by passing messages or hints to each other the next time you start the game, similar to Demon/Dark Souls. Also, stylus support could be added to items, allowing for new ways to play and interact with the game.

Wii U:
But what if the remake were to be a console title? Imagine A Link to the Past as a Wii U title: Played in a viewpoint of the traditional 3D Zelda game, similar to Ocarina of Time and onward. This would result in a totally new way of playing A Link to the Past. It would be created with all new puzzles to utilize all 3 dimensions for this new game. It would be incredible seeing all of your favorite lands and moments of the original game being recreated in 3D. This, in tandem with the possibilities of the Wii U controller, would make for a worthy title, maybe even Wii U launch worthy? Granted, the permissibility are less than slim, but I’d love to see it happen.

3DS Virtual Title:
Lastly, the remake to A Link to the Past could simply be an enhanced 3DS port, with graphics being transitioned for eye-popping 3D. Higher objects could appear in the foreground, while lower areas could be pushed to the background, in the traditional top down 2D view. Though this would be the most traditional way of recreating the game, I would be up for this, as it would still allow for one to experience the game in a new way, for both experts on the game, as well as newcomers.

No matter how the game is created, I believe any remake of a Link to the Past would be a good one. And have no fear, it’s going to happen: Mr. Myamoto wants it to happen, and he tends to get what he wants.

Samer makes a lot of good points. Do you agree with his sentiments?