Hyrule Chozo: A few months ago, if you were to search the tag “gamer girl” (or “girl...


A few months ago, if you were to search the tag “gamer girl” (or “girl gamer” or “gamergirl”), all you would see is an avalanche of photos of naked girls holding some kind of controller or other bit of game paraphernalia.

Now, if you search those same tags, you find almost none of that, replaced…

When I wrote my article months ago, I was trying to get to the point about gamers should just be gamers (Link here). No black gamers, no white gamers, no guy gamers, and no girl gamers. A united front. Upon receiving a message from an illiterate reader, I realized that there are some incredibly close minded people. It’s 2012 and there is still a need for segregation for some reason. I don’t like this idea. I am all for equal rights for everybody. But, the moment we start separating ourselves into a certain category, we start opening ourselves up to scrutiny. I agree that modeling with a controller does look bad, but only if your modeling has nothing to do with actually playing the game. Hell, this shouldn’t be about modeling with a controller, this should be about, as I stated before, a united front. Stand together. If you see this behavior, do something about it. Fight for each other. Without fighting for each other we stay separate. 


-Eric Lee Lewis