Infinity Blade 2 Review


Chair Entertainment

Epic Games



Release Date:

December 1, 2011 


Single and Online


Action Role-Playing



-Samer Farag

Today I’ll be doing the Empty Wallet Gamer’s first iOS game review. That game is Infinity Blade II. I recently purchased Infinity Blade II after enjoying the first one immensely. The game had a great blend of fast paced combat, some exploration, an interesting minimalistic story, and incredible graphics. But does the second game improve upon the first?

Infinity Blade II tells the tale of a man named Siris, who is on a quest to free the maker of the titular Infinity Blade, as well as to defeat the Deathless that have enslaved humanity. While the first Infinity Blade had a very minimalistic story, a book between the first and second games further expanded on this story, and, remarkably enough, expanded on it, to create a world with a very interesting mythos and culture. The story of Infinity Blade II is filled with twists and turns, and is far more fleshed out than that of the original. I was thoroughly engaged with the game’s world and its characters, and the interesting circumstances they were in. Furthermore, the cliffhanger provided promises that a sequel is in the works.

And if the sequel wishes to improve on Infinity Blade II, it’s going to have a run for its money. This is because Infinity Blade II improves on everything that the original game lacked. One of the greatest drawbacks of the original was that, while there was some exploration, the repetitiveness of the game proved to delude that exploration. Infinity Blade II, on the other hand, provides a large amount of different pathways, nooks, and crannies, for the player to the explore. Yes, the repetitive nature is still there-in fact, it is essential to the plot-but exploring the same pathways becomes far less of a problem with all the places one can go during a run through.

Combat has also improved in diversity, with large weapons that are slow but deal tones of damage, and duel wielding, which improves speed and damage but removes the ability to block. These new avenues of combat provide new ways to deal damage, and one can switch up styles as much as they please, meaning you’ll never get bored with stabbing a castle minion after a long battle. The difficulty pacing is perfect, and ramps up as soon as you start to feel like you’re a little too strong. There are also new and improved ways to upgrade equipment, including equipping bonus gems to different slots on equipment, and tons of new weapons, armor, and magic rings to test out different play styles. For example, I prefer to duel wield, so I do so, adding water and fire to each sword appropriately. Because I have no shield, I keep a healing ring on hand, for when things get dicey. It is things like this that make the diverse and unique swipe-based combat a blast to play.

Then there’s the fact that the game is simply gorgeous. For anyone who thinks iOS games can’t replicate console quality experiences, graphics or otherwise, they haven’t played Infinity Blade II. The 3D models are impressive, real-times shadows abound, and most importantly in my opinion, the game has a very diverse sense of style, unlike any high-fantasy game I’ve played before, that blends magic and machine in very creative ways. One things for sure: You will not get bored looking at how pretty this game is.

Infinity Blade II is, as of now, the undisputed king of the iOS gaming market. If there is only one game you want on your idevice, make it this game. Replayablity is indefinite, there is a constant stream of new enemies, weapons, and equipment being added for free, and it is simply darn good fun. And as it’s on sale for only $3.00 at the moment, this is a steal for any iOS gamer.


  • Improves on Infinity Blade in every way
  • Easy to learn, hard to master.
  • Tons of content.


  • Gives the battery on your iDevice a beating. 
  • Very difficult to put down!


Infinity Blade 2 Launch Trailer

Were you one of the people that was skeptical of a game being able to show off such graphical prowess on an iDevice?