Irrational Games Loses Two Members

-Jovan St. Lawrence 

Two key developers have left Irrational Games. AI lead, Don Norbury and Combat Design Director, Clint Bundrick have departed the BioShock Infinite team as of this month. Oddly enough, in May producer Joseph Faulstick left Irrational and the three developers have all now taken positions at Microsoft. 

Two other developers, Tim Gerritsen & Nate Wells left in August. Gerritsen, however, was almost immediately replaced with former Gears of War Director of Production, Rod Fergusson. With all of these departures and no word from Irrational  or 2K Games, things are not looking bright for BioShock Infinite. It is still scheduled for February 26, 2013 and a new trailer is set to arrive by next week.