Killing Floor Review

Calvin Tomlinson

Killing Floor is a fairly old game now, it came out in 2009, but in my opinion has aged very well, this is down to constant updates from the developers, and a tried and tested scenario that works really well in this game.

We all love a good zombie game, and I’m sure you’re all aware of Left 4 Dead, the co-op survival horror FPS. Well, Killing Floor has been described as a Left 4 Dead clone, which to a certain extent may be true, but I feel as though they’ve taken a successful game design, put their own spin on it, and improved it tremendously. Let’s talk a little more about the game itself.

Although Killing Floor isn’t strictly a “zombie” game it can be likened to one, the enemies are known as ‘specimens’, and they are the leftovers from cloning experiment gone wrong. Hordes of specimens will come at you in waves and it’s up to you and 5 other people to try and kill them all by working together. It’s a simple enough premise, you and the others have been dropped inside some really atmospheric and well-made environments, like a run-down carnival and London town, and it’s up to you to prevent the specimens from running loose and one can only assume, destroying the world as we know it. (No pressure).

One thing that’s really neat about Killing Floor is that it also contains a certain level of RPG elements, by which I mean the player can select a ‘perk’ when they play, and this will give certain boosts to the players abilities, and increase their efficiency with certain weapon types, for example, the Berserker will be able to use Melee weapons more efficiently, and the Demolition perk will give increased blast

damage. The great thing about these is that you don’t necessarily need to be using the perk to level it up. An example of this is someone with the Demolition perk will be able to level up Berserker by fulfilling the requirements, even though they aren’t using it. This makes the game a lot less grindy, because the higher levels take quite a while to rank up, but this just adds a ton of replayability to the


When you first start up a game you’ll have only a pistol, a knife and a few magazines to get you through the first round, every kill nets you a little bit of cash that you’ll be able to spend between waves to restock your ammo or, if you have enough, buy new weapons. Another nice little addition to the game is that each player carries around 2 tools, one being a syringe, which can be used to heal

either you or another player, and a welding gun, which can be used to seal off certain doors to hold the specimens back for a while. These tools are sometimes overlooked, but can be incredibly helpful, seeing as there are no health packs in this game, and sealing off entrances can be vital when there are literally hundreds of enemies on your tail.

Similarly to Left 4 Dead there are ‘Special’ specimens, these will take longer to kill, and pack more of a punch. Each enemy has their weakness though, so building a good team with differing perks can really be the key to success. Once the team fights off the waves of specimens they’ll fight a Patriarch, these are the biggest, baddest specimen in the game and on higher difficulties can wipe you out in

seconds, but with a strong team and a bit of planning they can be beaten.

Killing Floor isn’t a game that I play all the time, but it is a game that I revisit from time to time, it still has a strong community, and is constantly being updated, and special events are held at certain times of the year. For example, there was a Christmas event which introduced new maps, and new skins for some of the enemies, as well as new player skins.

It’s also worth noting that the game is only £14.99 on Steam but is regularly on sale, I picked it up about a year and a half ago for about £3. Get a few friends together and this game is an absolute blast.

Verdict: 80%, I’d love to see an updated version of this one day.

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