Kinect Price Drop This Year and More Xbox Goodies on the way

-Jovan St. Lawrence

So Microsoft has rained mercy upon us Xbox 360 owners when Major Nelson announced that the Kinect peripheral has gotten a price cut here in the US. This will bring Kinect from $149 to $109. This price cut will also be available in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, & Asia Pacific and various other regions in the fall. 

Unfortunately, this price drop won’t be on a global scale. If you live in Japan or Europe, you’re still spending $149 on a new Kinect. However, this $109 price cut will be standard and permanent for a Kinect, this is no sale. 

There will also be what is called an “Xbox 360 Essentials Pack” which includes a wireless controller, and HDMI cable, a media remote, and a 3-month Xbox Live subscription all for the low price of $80 in October. 

So with all the pushing for Xbox 360 sales, would you want a Kinect for this holiday season with a lower price attached to it? Is this what Microsoft need to sell this peripheral? Or are the games still not up to the caliber we all want it to be? Will you want to renew your possibly expiring Xbox Live subscription? Give us your opinions below in the most chaotic manner possible.