King Leonidas in God of War: Ascension?

-Marcus Lawrence

Ever since the film 300 hit theaters, people probably thought of how they would look in King Leonidas’s armor. While some of us haven’t had the pleasure to don said armor, Ascension at least allows your character to look just like him.

The DLC comes as a GameStop exclusive pre-order bonus and can gained through the pre-order of either the standard or Collector’s Edition. Once pre-ordered, gamers will receive the code to redeem Leonidas’s armor and spear. A 22 inch by 28 inch double sided God of War: Ascension poster will also be given to GameStop customers who pre-order.

“We are very excited to partner with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to offer you the chance to play as one of the biggest badasses in Greek history on the God of War: Ascension multiplayer battlefield,” wrote SCEA product marketing manager Anthony Caiazzo. “Donning King Leonidas’s red cape, iconic helmet, and armor you will stand apart as one of the ultimate warriors of Sparta. King Leonidas also comes with his iconic spear, which has its own set of unique combat moves.” 

Ascension is expected to launch into stores on March 12, 2013.