Knytt Underground Review

Developer/Publisher: Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren

Players: 1

Rating: NR

Platforms: PC and PlayStation 3. Currently on Steam Greenlight (Vote for it here)

-Eric Lee Lewis

A perfect journey…

Every now and then, there is a game that comes along that can be considered a masterpiece, and Knytt Underground is just that. Whether it is the gorgeous environment or the music that hits at just the right moments, this game does it all right.

As soon as Knytt Underground started, I instantly thought to myself, “Oh my science, this game is gorgeous!” This was not a feeling I had whilst playing other games in the series. Before Underground, the Knytt games were simple-looking 2D side-scrolling adventure games. Nothing spectacular to look at, but they still played fine. Underground has completely ridden any feelings that even remotely resemble that prior thought.

As soon as the player takes control of the main protagonist, Mi (pronounced “me”), a neat cameo happens. Not just any cameo, a cameo by the creator of the Knytt series, Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren. Nifflas plays the role of the “jerk narrator”. Well, he at least tries to be a jerk. Instead, he comes off as a great help to start the journey with a good laugh.

As time passes along, NPCs start talking at Mi. Before too long, one can start to get the grasp that Mi has no voice, and this eventually leads to one of the more touching moments of Knytt Underground. Eventually we learn that Mi wants a voice, and when she dreams about getting a voice, she doesn’t want to be woken up by any means. This, in its own, adds new reasons to keep moving ahead.

Knytt Underground is broken up between three chapters. In chapter one, the player is introduced to playing as Mi Sprocket in her human form. The best part about chapter one is that it shows us how to play the game without ever actually giving tutorials. That’s right, Nifflas made a game the absolute correct way. No hand holding.

As soon as chapter one is over and one hops into chapter 2, we are introduced to playing as a ball. A ball that is eventually named Bob by a fairy. Playing as this ball, which we later learn is Mi, is a completely different gameplay style. The ball bounces around like crazy until the player learns how to control this ball and deal with the physics of Knytt Underground.

Soon enough, it is time to enter chapter three and the mechanics mix together. A simple button press can transform Mi into the ball. Jumps that couldn’t be made before become possible and Underground feels like a huge living world that is a total pleasure to be in.

As I stated previously, Knytt Underground is a masterpiece. That is a word that I do not use very often at all, but Nifflas nailed it This is one of the most special games ever. Indie game or triple A title aside, this game just has “it”.


  • The music always hits at the right moment
  • Environments are stunning
  • Real connections with NPCs
  • Just plain fun to play


  • N/A

Final Verdict 10/10

Price: $15 

I can not think of a better way to send $15. This game can make a grown man cry just from how right this game does what it is trying to do.

It’s not normal for me to give a perfect score, but Knytt Underground deserves it. 

**Knytt Underground was provided to the reviewer by developer**